A psionic hope, an astonishing dream
March 17th - April 29th, 2023
Trinity Square Video

Curtia Wright, Camille Jodoin-Eng, Santiago Tamayo Soler,
Morris Fox, Tyler Matheson, and Sin Wai Kin

Publication contributions from Sameen Mahboubi, Sonny Assu and Eric Kostiuk Williams

Curated by Philip Leonard Ocampo

A combination of “psi” (psychic) and “-onics” (from electronics), the term “psionic” is synonymous with psychic abilities, the paranormal, and the physical application of unexplained, unknown phenomena.

Embraced in the realm of science fiction and comic book lore, the “psionic” speaks to the idea of exceeding the physical and realistic parameters of reality. By the fantastic logic of psionics, one could soar through the sky instead of being tethered to the ground. A superhuman’s might can materialize as explosive, technicolor light. A psionic hope, an astonishing dream places artists working in video, sculpture, painting, and performance in a position of speculative worldbuilding. Artists involved in this exhibition channel psionic and/or superhuman feats, utilizing their respective approaches in art making to forge new worlds, alternative spaces, and moments outside of time and reality through wielding an ethereal might.

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Documentation by Darren Rigo

Installation view

Camille Jodoin-Eng, Fields, 2023.

Tyler Matheson, Rhinestone Gramarye & read my lips, 2023.

Curtia Wright, Impact, 2023

Installation view.

Morris Fox, Gravity’s Lost, 2022

Sin Wai Kin, It’s Always You, 2022.

Installation view

Tyler Matheson, Your Disco Needs you, 2023.

Installation view

Santiago Tamayo Soler, Retornar, 2021.