November 2019 - Present

A selection of collaborative curatorial projects by Hearth
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All programming is collaboratively produced by
Rowan Lynch, Sameen Mahboubi, Philip Ocampo and Benjamin de Boer.

Founded in 2019 as an artist-run space, Hearth seeks to provide a site to present projects within a context that values collaboration, experimentation, and community.

As a structural element in the makeup of a house, and a tool providing warmth, light, and food; a hearth gathers us towards itself, and towards each other.

New Strata
November 23rd - December 28th, 2019
Misbah Ahmed, Shannon Garden-Smith, Andrew Harding, and Cadence Planthara

January 9 - February 7, 2021
FASTWÜRMS, Holly Fedida, Julian Yi-Zhong Hou, Chantal Khoury, Aidan Koch,
Alicia Nauta, Shaelynn Recollet, Fatine-Violette Sabiri, and Véronique Sunatori

A seasonal collaboration with the plumb, on site at the plumb

29 Games for Parties
July 26 - September 24, 2022
Holly Fedida and Paula McLean

Hosted by the Dundas Museum and Archives

The Choice
October 8, 2022
Andrew Harding, Kaya Joan, Ajoke Amis, Marvin Luvualu
In partnership with RISE Edutainment and AfrowaveTO