The Bald Eagle's Claw
July 5th - August 3rd, 2019
Xpace Cultural Centre

Yan Wen Chang, Brandon Fujimagari, Andrew Harding, and Josi Smit

Performance work by Madelyne Beckles, Dorica Manuel and Marissa Sean Cruz

Texts by Pamela Dungao and Ana Morningstar

Curated by Philip Leonard Ocampo

The Bald Eagle’s Claw calls attention to ideas of false-superiority in the United States of America by way of artworks that present as indulgent, disillusioned representations of American patriotism. By repurposing iconography associated with “Americana” culture, the artists involved in this exhibition use painting, sculpture, text and performance to question the U.S.A as a dominating force while demonstrating a concern for how its ideals have flooded beyond its borders and into global consciousness. Similar to the “American Dream,” the works feign this same sense of romantic optimism, gazing forward into the hopeful future, seemingly distracted from the bleak reality of the present.

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