The way you look tonight
January 19, 2021 - March 27, 2021
Xpace Cultural Centre

Raúl Aguilar Canela, Vida Beyer, Olivia Klevorn, Karice Mitchell, Ryan Danny Owen, and Aden Solway⁠⁠⁠

Additional programming by Josi Smit

Curated by Philip Leonard Ocampo

As an embodied sensation, nostalgia allows that which we recall fondly to emerge again, briefly invoking moments of bittersweet familiarity in our daily lives.The malleable nature of this phenomena—its ability to interpret time and idealize memory— is what assembles the works of The way you look tonight. Bringing together text, drawing, painting, sculpture, video and image-based works across virtual and physical exhibition platforms, this exhibition presents artworks that seek to explore nostalgia as a complicated method of both remembering and forgetting. Celebrating, subverting and reimagining how popular culture, generational experiences, and documented histories influence our personal and collective archives, the works of this exhibition are interested in reevaluating the complex relationships we have with our pasts; the ones we’ve lived and the ones we haven’t.⁠

Watch the virtual exhibition walkthrough here