Scaffolds I can no longer see
November 6th - December 7th, 2019

Sarah Friend, Guillaume Pascale, Shaheer Tarar, and Sahar Te

Curated by Sophia Oppel and Philip Leonard Ocampo

A scaffold is a temporary infrastructure used to support the production of larger architectures; ordered weavings of metal rods and wooden platforms scaled up walls, formed around what is being constructed. As a peripheral presence, scaffolds disappear from focus. Digital interfaces and artificially intelligent systems inhabit a similar position; they can uphold structures of dominance and power.

Addressing the unobserved algorithms that govern digital infrastructures and survey physical space, Scaffolds I can no longer see highlights the exploitative underpinnings hidden within informational apparatuses, questioning the coercive power of seamless aesthetics of consumer technologies and online interfaces that go unnoticed during daily interaction.

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