2024 > Logic Surging throught the Aether and Spirits Flowing through the CircuitMirrored essays for Stephanie Comilang’s How to Make a Painting from Memory at Gallery 44.

2023 > The flora, the aqua, the shadows cast across this tranquil space. Accompaying text for Anahita Akhavan’s Weaving a Garden at United Contemporary.

2023 > A Dialogue for Three Voices. Accompaying text for Kendra Yee’s Tip of the Tongue at Patel Brown Gallery.

2023 > The glitches in my matrixes. FrameWork 5/23 text accompanying Oliver Husain and Malik Mckoy’s lenticoolers at Susan Hobbs Gallery.

2023 > Find me in the front passenger seat, accompanying Yan Wen Chang’s same problem my father had and what he dreamed, Hamilton Artists Inc.

2021 >  The outlet mall skyline on the dashboard horizon. Text for MoveObjects On at the plumb.

2021 > Letter for C Magazine Issue 148: Body Language.  

2021 > Exhibition essay + forward for The way you look tonight, Xpace Cultural Centre.

2020 > What was gathered from the meadow? and Poems of Relation. Exhibition texts accompanying Matt Nish-Lapidus' contributions to view recent changes, Hearth.

2020 > Right Hook, Release: Muscled Rose at Scrap Metal. Exhibition review. Peripheral Review.

2019 > Exhibition text accompanying Cadence Planthara's contributions to New Strata, Hearth.

2019 > Exhibition essay + publication for The Bald Eagle's Claw, Xpace Cultural Centre.  

2019 > Exhibition text for If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life, Misbah Ahmed at The Loon. 

2019 > Exhibition essay + insert for Scaffolds I can no longer see, InterAccess.